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Justin Bieber got slammed into the boards at the NHL's celebrity exhibition gameby Circa News
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Justin Bieber is Canadian. So, according to science*, hockey talent runs in his blood, right?

It might, but that didn't stop NHL legend Chris Pronger from slamming him into the boards in a celebrity exhibition match during the All-Star festivities on Saturday.

For reference, Pronger is 6'6". In his 18-year NHL career, he earned a reputation for hitting hard.

Bieber is 5'9" and a pop singer, not known for hitting very hard.

*Note: Not real science. 

Here's the hit.

Bieber wasn't actually hurt, presumably because Pronger didn't unleash his full fury.

He went on to score a goal despite missing two penalty shots. Cuba Gooding Jr. later quipped, "25 shots later, thank God he made it."

Bieber's team, led by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, won 5-3 over a team led by another NHL great, Mario Lemieux. 

He seemed just fine after the game.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.