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People are preserving their loved ones' ashes as glass artby Jean-Sun Ahn
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WATCH  | While many probably keep ashes of a loved one in an urn, Artful Ashes has created a beautiful way to preserve the memory of a person or pet -- as glass art.

"We realized that everyone is looking for a way to hold onto the memories of their lost loved one."

Greg Dale, Owner of Artful Ashes

Seattle-based company Artful Ashes came about when owner Greg Dale's father was having surgery and faced tough decisions if the surgery didn't go as planned. Dale took the idea of a glass art memorial to a glassmaking studio, who helped turn his idea into a reality. Since 2012, Artful Ashes has been helping many people cope with the loss of losing a loved one.

Once Artful Ashes receives ashes from someone who has lost a loved one, the artists then mold the memories into glowing glass art pieces. This three-day process costs $185 for each glass art memorial. 

Artful Ashes even has a pet division that provides the same services for a pet that has passed. 


Dale and his wife Christina said the memorials provide comfort for those grieving a loss -- it allows people to hold and treasure their memories and take them with wherever they go.