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Celeb sightings at Coachella are almost as big of a deal as the music. So who was there?by Circa News
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All of the celebrities at Coachella Weekend 1
Who showed up for the first weekend? It was pretty much everyone you'd expect.

Whether you like it or not, Coachella is as much about the celebrity sightings as it is about the music. Sorry. You know it's true.

Of course, the undisputed queen of Coachella, Paris Hilton, was in attendance to defend her title from wannabes like Kylie Jenner. Paris has been a permanent fixture at the festival since Kylie was like, a baby, and she clearly has no plans of stopping.

Here's who else was spotted at this year's festival in outfits that are probably worth more than your monthly rent.

Paris held hands with her boyfriend, actor Chris Zylka. 

Joe Jonas posted a pic with his band, DNCE. He also hung out with girlfriend Sophie Turner.

It wouldn't be Coachella without trendy pool floats.

Kylie's hair changed from green to purple over the weekend.

In theory, music festivals should be about music, but that's not always the sole focus. Have you accepted that celebrity sightings are a major part of Coachella each year? Or are you totally over these people? Let your voice be heard in this poll!