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A Kendrick Lamar conspiracy theory predicted another new album on Easter. It never Circa News

It's hard to satisfy fans of Kendrick Lamar.

The critically acclaimed rapper dropped a new album on Good Friday entitled "Damn." after months of hype and cryptic teasers. Almost immediately, superfans pieced together evidence that led them to believe Lamar would release another album on Easter Sunday, probably called "Nation" (Damnation. Get it?). 

Unfortunately for those fans, that second album didn't appear, with Lamar's set at Coachella on Sunday acting as the nail in the coffin.

The evidence for 'Nation':

  • "Damn." was a far shorter album than Lamar's previous album, the instant classic "To Pimp a Butterfly."
  • Good Friday, in Christian tradition, is the day Jesus died before resurrecting on Easter. The lyrics in "Damn." imply Lamar was shot in the first track and died in the last, priming him for a resurrection.
  • His song "The Heart Part 4" contains the line: "Dropped one classic, came right back, 'nother classic, right back."

The evidence against 'Nation': It doesn't exist.

Can you guess the Kendrick Lamar song based only on a single line?
Sit down. Be humble.

Fans didn't take the news well.

Even his set at Coachella didn't appease fans.

Well, it might have appeased some.

And at least he released an album at all.