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Celebs who would violate Starbucks' barista dress code (in these outfits)by Chris Serico

Much has been made of Starbucks' recent dress code expansion, which theoretically allows its employees to better express their personalities while they make your frappuccinos.

But some celebrities' outfits push boundaries far beyond even the most liberal corporate dress codes.

For that reason and others, don't expect these stars to be working at a Starbucks anytime soon.

Elton John's busy patterns (among other sartorial choices) would prevent him from getting behind the counter as a barista.

Katy Perry would have to tone things down a bit. Her neon-colored outfits are another Starbucks employee dress code no-no.

Since employees can't reveal their chests to a point that exposed skin would be covered by a Starbucks apron, Charlotte McKinney's frequent photo-shoot selections would be a nonstarter.

Male celebrities' low necklines aren't off the hook, either. The same Starbucks standard applies to Simon Cowell, who would have to leave his deep-V tees at home, and button up his button-downs.

As a Starbucks barista, Justin Bieber would have to leave his hoodies at home.

Pink's pink hair would be OK, thanks to Starbucks' relaxed stance on coif color.

Sia's iconic wigs, however, wouldn't fly if they covered her face. (But this hat? Totally fine.)

A policy prohibiting scarves that are too long or obscure the apron may disqualify Johnny Depp.

Other than its exposed shoulders, Kate Middleton's navy dress may be Starbucks-friendly attire.

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