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Mark Hamill read a Trump tweet in his creepy Joker voiceby Mike Denison

ORIGINAL STORY 1/8/17: Mark Hamill is most famous for playing Luke Skywalker. But his role as The Joker in many animated Batman shows is a close second. 

On Saturday, a random Twitter idea became a reality after Matt Oswalt, brother of comedian Patton Oswalt, tweeted his "billion dollar idea" - an app that read Donald Trump's tweets in Hamill's maniacal Joker voice. 

There's no app yet, but that didn't stop Hamill.

Here's the clip!

Here's the real Trump tweet that started it all.

You can see the gears start turning in Matt Oswalt's follow-up tweets.

Then inspiration struck.

Hamill, not a huge fan of the president-elect, was only too happy to oblige.

And this tweet implies there's more on the way.

WATCH | Last summer, fans gave Hamill a custom lightsaber that had a button that triggered the Joker's laugh. His reaction was adorable.