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Celebrity A-listers celebrate President Obama's last White House party with a bangby Circa News

President Obama knows how to throw a bash.

Dozens of A-list celebrities who attended the commander-in-chief's final party stayed until the wee hours of Saturday morning. 

Guests included Nick Jonas, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Chrissy Teigen, Paul McCarthy, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Robert DeNiro, Chance the Rapper, Olivia Wilde, Jordin Sparks, and many more. Solange Knowles provided entertainment for the star-studded event.

Official photos from the event haven't been released, but that's not stopping celebrities from sharing their favorite moments. 

Actress Olivia Wilde admitted to stumbling out of the White House at 4am.

Solange Knowles called it the "sound check of [her] life."

These celebs say it's the only party worth waiting for.

Nick Jonas and TV actor Jonathan Tucker rolled up in all black.

Don't worry about the costs, taxpayers. The president and first lady picked up the tab, according the E! News.