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'Hidden Figures' & 'Fences' are different films but you couldn't tell at the Golden Globesby Teghan Collins
Pop Culture#GoldenGlobes2017

Hidden Fences is not a movie. "Fences" is, and so is "Hidden Figures." Got it? Good.

The mix up all started when Jenna Bush Hager asked Pharrell on the red carpet about being nominated for scoring the film “Hidden Fences.”

Here's Pharrell's slight side-eye to Jenna after she says "Hidden Fences."

Then, later in the show, actor Michael Keaton made the same mistake.

Of course, Twitter noticed and the memes started rolling in.

Like this one.


And this one.

This tweet though.

This look on Taraji P. Henson's face, pretty much sums up how the internet reacted.