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This woman is a full-time nurse by day, pro gamer by nightby Marc Urbino

WATCH | Emmalee "emuhleet" Garrido works full-time as a nurse. She's also the captain of the best all-female gaming team in North America.

A gamer from Los Angeles, California, Garrido fell in love with "Counter-Strike" at a young age in 2003. She has played the game since then and has pushed to become one of the best female gamers in the country.

Taking a break from the game in 2009 to attend nursing school, she returned in 2011 to take things to the next level. Now a licensed vocational nurse, she commits her time after hours to "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive."

Her big break in the pro-circuit came in 2014 when her team, Team Karma, took 2nd at the Electronic Sports World Cup. They would go on to win 1st place at the Copenhagen Games in 2015.

In early 2017, Team Dignitas picked up the roster, along with team manager "sapphire."

The women debuted as Dignitas at IEM Katowice 2017, taking 2nd place overall.

Though they have done well in making a name for themselves to this point, the team is far from done. All-female leagues provide access into the professional circuit, but Team Dignitas hopes to be able to compete with any team in the future.

Emuhleet states, however, that as the scene and prizes grow larger, she hopes that gamers "do not lose passion."

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