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This pigeon crashed an esports match in Vancouver and blew up Twitter and Redditby Marc Urbino

WATCH | As the NALCS third-place match took place in Vancouver, an unexpected guest caused quite the commotion.

During the game between Phoenix1 and FlyQuest for the third-place slot in North America's top League of Legends circuit, a pigeon found its way into the arena and got fans excited. Fans were cheering non-stop for the bird as it flew by the audience and even landed on stage.

The LoL Esports account tweeted the bird after its appearance on their stream.

Renowned player Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng even labeled it as such.

Fans have tweeted non-stop since the bird showed up.

Someone even went as far as to make its own Twitter account and hashtag.

Phoenix1 eventually ended up winning the series 3-2, securing themselves a 3rd place finish overall in the split. After winning Game 1 and losing the next two, they were able to pull off a comeback by cleaning up their gameplay and performing better as a team. Maybe it was the pigeon that brought good luck to its fellow avians.