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This eSports lawyer has founded the first law firm dedicated solely to competitive gamingby Marc Urbino

WATCH | Bryce Blum, a lawyer based in Seattle, Washington, has dedicated his career to eSports.

Having grown up playing video games and following competitive gaming since high school, Blum continued his interest in eSports throughout studying law.

He has worked in the community handling cases for over three years. While many were supportive of his work, he noticed that at his previous firm, certain peers and co-workers were often skeptical of eSports as a practical and sustainable field. With that in mind, he chose to take action.

He launched ESG Law in the beginning of the year to better serve the community.

Blum feels that lawyers who are more familiarized with the field they serve are better able to understand what is required from it. He works with several teams and talent across the nation, spanning topics like player contracts and endorsement deals.

His work for eSports is not limited to just law, however. He also works for the sports agency called Catalysts Sports & Media, acting as co-manager of the company's eSports division. Here, he works with businesses looking to venture into eSports.

While having practically two full-time jobs, Blum enjoys all the work. The travel and schedule are demanding, but he states that because he believes in the work, the "hours don't matter as much."