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This company is keeping pinball alive with modern machines and virtual realityby Marc Urbino

WATCH | Stern Pinball is keeping the retro arcade game alive in a modern world.

The company, which began operation in the 1930s, continues to make pinball machines, despite being one of the last manufacturers left in the world.

They make both commercial and consumer contraptions, with themes ranging from modern TV shows, like Game of Thrones  and The Walking Dead, to throwback references, such as their most recent Aerosmith-based machine.

The manufacturer has found its way into the gaming world with "Stern Pinball Arcade," for those unable or unwilling to purchase a large machine.

The game comes to mobile devices in the form of an app, available for both iOS and Android.

It can be purchased for gaming consoles, such as the Xbox One and PS4, as well as for PCs.

Perhaps more interesting is the version that is compatible with the Samsung Gear and soon the Oculus Rift. This enables consumers to not only play pinball electronically, but also immersed in virtual reality.

Being one of the last companies left in a once thriving era of game culture is definitely a challenge, but it becomes clear that Stern's innovation and ability to match trends is what is keeping the interest in pinball alive and well.