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The world's best 'Madden' player just scored himself more than $150,000by Marc Urbino

WATCH | Michael "Skimbo" Skimbo just won the "Madden '17" Championship and earned himself the title of the the best Madden player in the world.

The final event wrapped up the Madden NFL Championship Series, which consisted of four major-level events. Announced back in June, top players battled out for a chance to compete at the highest level. 

The Madden Championship was roughly three weeks long and took place in Los Angeles, California, where the best 32 gamers competed head-to-head.

At the end of it all, Skimbo came out on top over Luminosity Gaming's Eric "Problem" Wright.

Skimbo, like many of the other professional gamers, has been playing and preparing nearly nonstop for nine months. He earned himself more than $150,000 overall, a portion of the series' $1 million overall pool. 

With the title under his belt, Skimbo feels like this is just the start. He has come to the finals several times, but this is his first overall victory. With the "monkey off his shoulders," he hopes to be able to score more victories in the future.

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