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The Switch could be the key to Nintendo's entry into eSportsby Marc Urbino

WATCH | With the introduction of the Switch, Nintendo may just become the next dominant force in the world of competitive gaming.

Nintendo has historically produced games oriented towards casual and social play. As eSports became an increasingly large part of gaming culture in the past decade, the company fought the use of its games in such competitions.

"Super Smash Bros." is a video game series made for Nintendo that has developed a large competitive community. As the number of tournaments and fans increased, so did the conflicts with Nintendo. It got to the point where the game company worked to remove the game from EVO 2013.

Nintendo's mindset on competitive gaming has changed in the past few years. Along with sponsorships of tournaments like Apex, the company has worked to promote "Splatoon,"the ink-based shooter, in the competitive scene.

Nintendo has worked on its own series worldwide, partnering with bodies like ESL.

WATCH | Changes to "Splatoon 2," like LAN Play and Spectator Mode, as well as new games like "ARMS," may help ease the entry into eSports, following the model of successful games like "League" and "Overwatch." There is, however, much to reckon with to make it in the scene, even for a company like Nintendo.