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Super Mario Run is a big hit on iOS but Nintendo's stock value took a tumble. Here's Mike Denison

You'd think Nintendo would be celebrating -- but owners of video game maker's stock are running for the exits.

Super Mario Run, the first Mario game for iOS, raked in $5 million on its first day alone. It's well on its way to becoming more popular than Pokémon GO, Android Authority reports -- and SMR still hasn't even been released on Android phones.

But the game has been a disaster for Nintendo's stock, CNN Money reports. Since the game's release on Thursday, Nintendo's stock price has decreased 11 percent. 

Why? Take a look at the App Store reviews. The game's average rating is a paltry 2.5 stars out of 5, with more than 53,000 ratings. Many users aren't happy with the mandatory constant internet connection, which seems at odds with a game that touts the fact that you can play it with one hand for convenience's sake.

Also, the game's pricing structure may make it hard to boost profits down the road. You get the first level free, and the remaining levels cost $9.99. But since that's a one-time payment, investors are wary, CNN Money reports.

WATCH  | In case you somehow haven't heard of this game, here's a quick refresher. 

The game certainly didn't have unanimous appeal.

Others criticized those who thought $9.99 was a steep price.