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Now that esports prizes are higher, more cheaters are trying to get their shareby Marc Urbino

WATCH | As the number of esports tournaments increase, so have the number of cheaters.

Cheating is done through multiple ways, most commonly using hacks, like LeagueSharp, or fixing matches. This has been prominent in the community for a while, but only recently have bigger occurrences taken place.

Several CS:GO players, like KQLY, were caught cheating before Dreamhack Winter 2014, one of the biggest events at the time.

Starcraft II world champion, Life, was arrested for intentionally throwing games and eventually fined for his actions.

This is not going unnoticed. Hosts and developers are utilizing cheat detections systems, like the ESEA or Valve's VAC, to monitor, identify, and ban cheaters from gameplay.

WATCH | ESIC, who is also helping the community manage the rise of betting on esports, has assembled leaders in gaming to ensure that events are properly regulated and cheaters are appropriately punished.