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Nintendo's first Super Mario mobile game has arrived (for iOS only). Get ready to Marc Urbino

WATCH  | "Super Mario Run," Nintendo's new mobile-platform game, drops today.

It's the first time Nintendo's mascot has been officially featured in a mobile game. The video game pioneer previously kept the Mario franchise exclusive to its console and hand-held devices.

The app was first announced in early September at Apple's annual iPhone event.

New life for a classic character

It is based heavily on the traditional side-scrolling platformers that dominated the "Super Mario" series early on. There are three different methods of gameplay:

  • World Tour (the traditional adventure mode where players navigate through stages and collect coin)
  • Toad Rally(the game's form of online competition)
  • Kingdom Builder(where characters can construct a kingdom, and unlock prizes and additional content)

Sorry, Android users

Other characters can also be unlocked, including Luigi, Yoshi and Toad.

The game (free to demo, $9.99 for the full version) is available exclusively in the App Store for iOS devices. 

An Android-compatible version is expected to be released sometime in 2017. 

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