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More companies are trying to be the top broadcaster of esportsby Marc Urbino

WATCH | Esports has generated an international community. As the industry continues to grow, so do the number of platforms that want to capture that audience.

Esports is growing at a rapid pace, and more companies want in. Primarily engaged through online platforms, television networks are trying to engage this community. ESPN jumped into esports in 2015 and continues to expand.

TBS also began "ELeague" for the popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a pro league with major tournaments whose final prize pools ended in $1 million. They are in their third season and are now including games like Street Fighter V.

But more companies are looking for that top spot. Facebook is utilizing its live-streaming service to compete, signing deals with professional teams and receiving exclusive streaming rights for tournaments like "Heroes of the Dorm."

If more companies continue on this trend, Twitch may have something to look out for, whether television networks like TBS become well-known for captivating a dedicated audience, or another streaming service manages to do so. For now, Twitch remains the top platform for esports worldwide.