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Meet the world's first augmented reality gaming robotby Marc Urbino

WATCH | Introducing MekaMon, a gaming robot the battles in both physical and virtual space.

The battle robot was developed by Reach Robotics and was revealed at CES 2017.

It uses Bluetooth LE to connect to the bot, using your smartphone as both a controller and augmented reality device.

Since the robot is highly portable (weighing roughly 2.2 pounds) and can last a full hour of gameplay, the device itself is very convenient for play.

Players can utilize several different game modes, including single-player campaign and multiplayer (either co-op or battle). 

WATCH | The robots are fully customizable, using seven different attachment slots to add different features like weapons and shields. This allows players to adapt to various playing styles, whether they prefer speed, offensive, or defensive skills.

MekaMon is now available for purchase, and can be utilized on both iOS and Android devices.

More information can be seen at: