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Las Vegas is preparing to become the eSports capital of the worldby Marc Urbino

WATCH | With eSports on the rise, the city of Las Vegas is aiming to secure its position in the industry.

State, city, and eSports officials have come together to form a board to make Las Vegas the world's physical and economic hub, mediated by Ian Smith of the eSports Integrity Coalition.

The move aims to provide mutual benefits between both parties: the city and the eSports community.

With a large variety of venues and places to stay, Las Vegas offers multiple amenities that makes accommodating large crowds easier than most cities.

On the other hand, this could help the city attract a larger, younger demographic into committing to longer and more frequent stays.

With the growth, however, comes multiple problems, particularly from betting in eSports. The main goal of the ESIC is to ensure that wagering is implemented in a safe and fair fashion.

Though there is much to learn and try before this can be fully implemented, the city is prepared to take action necessary to get it done.

eSports is a rapidly changing, and moreover, a rapidly growing field. Having met for the first time in February, the board will continue to meet on multiple occasions, bringing in more venues and casinos as a way to quicken the process.