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eSports sponsorships are getting weirderby Marc Urbino

WATCH | As the industry grows and more companies are investing in eSports, there are more weird partnerships popping up. Here are the top 5 so far.

WATCH | Arby's, for example, has sponsored TBS' ELeague, a televised Counter Strike competition. Known for their humorous commercials, the fast-food chain goes even further with one tailored towards fans of the game.

Other partnerships include:

- Turtle Wax and  Optic Gaming

- Reese's Puffs and Yahoo eSports

- Weedmaps and Beyond the Summit

Even the adult site YouPorn has found an interest in eSports, signing their own professional roster under the name "Team YP."

WATCH | As with any other traditional sport, as bigger names and companies invest in eSports, more non-endemic brands aim to sponsor as well. This number will only increase with time, along with bigger figures.