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'Clash Royale' has its own esports tournament that's worth over one million dollarsby Marc Urbino

WATCH | The popular mobile game is making its way into the world of esports with over one million dollars in prizes.

Supercell is looking for the best "Clash Royale" players in the world.

Registration is open to anyone passed level 8 in the game, but for now is restricted by region.

The "Crown Championship" begins its inaugural season with open-play starting today, where it will take the best of one million players to compete in brackets in the weeks to come. 

This ends with the Spring Finals in June, and restarts with the larger Fall Season in August. A live World Finals event is laid out to take place in November, where the best player in the world will officially be crowned.

Though esports has continually proven to be a growing scene with more games looking to get in, the mobile scene has yet to establish itself among the powerhouses seen in games like "League of Legends," "Counter Strike" and more.  However, if this proves successful, it could pave the way for more gamers to move into this market. Whereas most games require expensive computer builds to play competitively, the mobile scene is much more accessible, which makes this highly appealing.