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Trump blasted the United Nations and coverage of his foundation in another Twitter rantby Mike Denison

President-elect Donald Trump, after staying relatively quiet on social media over the Christmas holiday weekend, lashed out at the United Nations and his old arch-enemy, the news media, on Monday night.

He refuted President Obama's claims that if he could have run for a third term, he would have won. Trump also called the United Nations "club for people to get together, talk and have a good time" and insisted the Trump Foundation was more charitable than the media let on. 

Here's part 1 of the four-part storm.

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On Christmas Eve, Trump said the Israel ruling would hinder peace in the Middle East. 

And here's his promise to change the organization after taking office.

Now, about his foundation...

Trump insists the media has not reported his charitable donations accurately, and that all funds have gone to charity.  But tax records show Trump used the foundation's money to settle personal legal disputes, The Washington Post reports.  An IRS filing showed the foundation admitted to violating rules against "self-dealing," or using charity funds to help a charity's owners.

Trump has given his foundation "millions," as he claims, but he has not donated to it since 2008.