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Trump said his tax filing shouldn't have been released, but he's not embarrassed by it by Circa News

Addressing publicly for the first time the releasing of his 2005 tax returns, President Donald Trump described the federal document dump to MSNBC as "disgusting" and "illegal" in an exclusive interview with Sinclair. 

He also referred to David Cay Johnston, the reporter who obtained the filings, as a "weird dude." 

WATCH | President Trump speaks out for the first time about the revealing of his 2005 tax filing

"I paid a lot of tax, paid $38 million in tax, that doesn’t include sales taxes and real estate taxes and lots of other taxes - don’t forget. But I paid a lot of tax and I employed a lot of people and I made money - made good money."

"They shouldn't be leaking tax returns, that's for sure," he continued. "Whether they're good or bad, they shouldn't be leaking that."

WATCH | The 2005 two-page tax filing revealed that Trump earned $153 million and paid $36.5 million in taxes for that year.

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