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Obama will throw a White House bash for the Chicago Cubsby Julia Boccagno

President Obama's departure from the White House wouldn't be complete without a visit from this year's World Series champs, the Chicago Cubs, NBC Chicago first reported.

Traditionally, the World Series winners delay their visit to the White House until the subsequent MLB season--sometime in April--but this year is a little different.

The 44th commander-in-chief couldn't pass up the opportunity to invite his native Chicagoans and congratulate them on their historic win.

President Obama invited the Cubs to the White House after they broke a century-old dry spell. 

President Obama's loyalties may side with the South Side of Chicago--home to White Sox rivals--but he was a good sport about the Cubs' win, nonetheless.

The meet-and-greet is expected to take place on Monday--just four days shy of President-elect Trump's inauguration.

Though it's customary for World Series' champs to delay their party on Pennsylvania Ave., the Chicago Cubs aren't the first team to speed up the process. In 2000, the New York Yankees waited until George W. Bush assumed office,USA Today noted.

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