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Trump said there's 'no way' he would have lost to Obama by Mike Denison

UPDATE: 8:41 p.m. EST

President-elect Donald Trump responded to Obama's claim that if he'd run for president a third term, he would have won. 

Trump took to Twitter to offer up a reaction. 

"President Obama said that he thinks he would have won against me. He should say that but I say NO WAY!" Trump wrote. 

Trump also suggested that Obama's record with the Affordable Care Act and ISIS' continued threat would have prevented his victory. 

Original story

President Obama said he if could have run for a third term, he would have won.

In a CNN interview with former advisor David Axelrod for "The Axe Files" podcast, Obama insisted the vision he ran on in 2008 had not faded and that the majority of Americans still believed in it.  

But in 2016, he argued, failed Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton -- and Obama's former Secretary of State -- ignored too many voting blocs to win. 

LISTEN  | Obama said if he could have run for a third term, he would have. The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution prevents running for a third presidential term. 

LISTEN  | Obama said Clinton performed well under adverse circumstances but may have campaigned too safely because she thought she was winning handily. 

LISTEN  | He also insisted the Democratic Party's agenda was still the best for the nation, even for the groups that voted against it. Many pundits have questioned the future of the party after Clinton's defeat. 

LISTEN  | He also detailed his plans for the future, including writing a book and self-reflecting. 

"I have to be quiet for a while... I have to still myself," he said.

Critics thought he was delusional for thinking he could win again.

And many voters that voted for him in 2008 chose Trump in 2016.

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