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Attention all Berners: Sanders hasn't ruled out a run in 2020by Kellan Howell

Fans of Bernie Sanders might get to feel the Bern again in 2020. 

During a CNN town hall on Monday night, the Independent Senator from Vermont did not rule out the possibility of another presidential run.

"It is much too early to be talking about that," Sanders said.

He added that Americans now have to worry about "how we deal with the issues that impact us today." 

Sanders also got into a pretty heated exchange with a Trump-supporting business owner.

Jim Jacobs, a small business owner, told Sanders he was concerned about the burdensome business regulations the Obama administration had passed. 

"It's very easy to blame Barack Obama for everything, by the way. Some of those regulations may be state, may be local," the Vermont senator argued.

WATCH | "The devil is in the details," Sanders told Jacobs. "We've got to see what those regulations are." 

Sanders argued that major corporations that want to reverse regulations to have the "freedom to pollute our air and pollute our water." 

Republicans have said they plan to repeal many of Obama's federal regulations on businesses, and could possibly reverse some rules issued by the EPA. 

WATCH |  Sanders LOLs over critics claim that the media should be "looking in to Trump's heart."

CNN's Jake Tapper asked Sanders about whether or not the media puts too much weight on President-elect Trump's statements instead of looking at "what's in his heart."

Sanders' response? LOL.

"You're not a heart surgeon," he told Tapper. "Generally speaking, we accept that when someone says something they mean it."

WATCH | Sanders also called Trump a "pathological liar." He said the president-elect repeatedly says things that are "blatantly, absolutely untrue," and added that Americans will have to "figure out a way to deal with that."

WATCH |  But for all his criticisms of Trump, Sanders also heaped praise on the president-elect for challenging conventional politics and rallying the American people. 

"That is an extraordinary accomplishment," Sanders said. 

WATCH |  Sanders didn't get in to specifics on how Democrats will respond to Trump's Supreme Court nominee, or perhaps nominees, but alluded to a fight in Congress