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This Week in Trump Tweetsby Raffi Williams

Watch | Donald Trump's best performing tweets from his @RealDonaldTrump account this week

Welcome to This Week in Tweets, where we break down the worst and best of POTUS' tweets from his @RealDonaldTrump account.

The tweet that got the most retweets since February 25th was this one:

That tweet sent last Saturday got 61 thousand retweets and sparked criticism from those who said his figures weren’t quite right. And this might surprise you but the numbers are technically correct, the debt has dropped since Trump took office, but the devil is in the details the debt level rises and falls all the time but the overall trend has not changed and that is the national debt level continues to rise.

So which got the most replies?

Well it was this one from Sunday.

This tweet had more than 53 thousand replies. 

Like this one 

And this one

So why did people interact with this tweet so much? Well,  I don’t have to tell you that Trump’s relationship with Russia is big deal especially due to some of the accusations that have been flying around lately though this tweet came out before news of Jeff Sessions meetings with the Russian Ambassador came out.