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Trump said his healthcare plan will have 'insurance for everybody'
The Trump administration is considering moving the press corps from the White House
Rand Paul revealed a replacement for Obamacare
Immigration groups are holding nationwide protests against Donald Trump
Schools across the country are teaching kids how to fight fake news
A survey shows cops are more reluctant to use force since the Ferguson shooting
President Obama has scrapped 'wet foot, dry foot' Cuban policy
LA has paid millions to families of people shot by police. It has to borrow to keep up.
John Kerry apologized for how the State Department has treated LGBT people
Kentucky lawmakers passed bills requiring women to get ultrasounds before abortions
Black men were 9 times more likely to be killed by US police in 2016, a new report says
Donald Trump could ask Congress, not Mexico, to pay for his wall
A new report finds that repealing Obamacare could cost the country nearly 2.6 million jobs
A judge ruled doctors can refuse to see patients who are transgender or had an abortion