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Senate members are preparing for an all-nighter in a move to repeal Obamacareby Julia Boccagno

President-elect Donald Trump may not have taken the oath of office just yet, but Senate Republicans are already making moves to repeal Obamacare. They're convening Wednesday night to pass a budget blueprint for the 2017 fiscal year, which paves the way for the bill's repeal.

Traditionally, a bill needs to gather 60 supermajority votes to pass a repeal. But with a slight majority over their Democratic colleagues, Republicans are able to circumvent the requirement. They only need a simple majority to pass a repeal.

There's a lot of political nuances involved in the process, formally known as a "vote-a-rama." What's most important, however, is that proposed measures are subjected to unlimited amendments, which inevitably result in hours-long votes that could stretch into the next morning.

Even if Republicans achieve the majority, it's just a Congressional blueprint--meaning the president will not sign it, and it doesn't call for the immediate nullification of Obamacare.

Once the amendments are dealt with, the Senate is expected to approve the resolution, which then makes its way to the House. 

Preparations have been made in anticipation of a late night.

Democratic members attempt to rally morale for the late night vote.

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