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Donald Trump sold all his shares in companies back in June, according to his spokesmanby Mike Denison

Donald Trump spokesman Jason Miller said the president-elect sold all his shares of stock in corporations in June, The Washington Post reports.

Trump's stock portfolio was worth roughly $40 million in December 2015, according to a May financial disclosure filing. The news of the sale comes amidst repeated accusations that Trump's business empire creates multiple conflicts of interest.

Miller did not tell the Post why Trump sold the shares or how much he sold them for. The Post could not independently confirm the sale.

Campaign cash?

The timing of the alleged sale comes after Trump ramped up personal spending on his own campaign. After spending $47 million on the Republican primary, he donated $2 million a month to his own campaign from June through September, with a $10 million donation in October. 

All told, he spent $66 million after repeatedly telling supporters he spent $100 million. Much of Trump’s campaign was ultimately funded by other donors.

Trump praised Boeing when he bought stock in 2013.

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