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This Chrome plugin lets you fact-check Trump on Twitterby Circa News

Welcome to 2016.

The Washington Post this weekend unveiled its newest Chrome plugin, which lets you fact-check President-elect Trump's tweets.

The plugin, called "RealDonaldContext" scours Tump's tweets and adds little fact-check blurbs beneath them.

The legacy news outlet said its goal is "to provide additional context where needed for Trump's tweets moving forward (and a few golden oldies."

You can download it at the Chrome Web Store. You'll  have to click on a tweet for the grey box to appear.

How it works

The Washington Post's editors decide what's deemed inaccurate.

Phillip Bump noted that readers are welcome to point out Trump tweets that need more explanation.

If a tweet is deemed inaccurate, a grey box appears below the tweet with a few sentences and a link to a longer piece to further explain.

At this time, the fact-checking only goes back to late November.

The plugin comes after Trump banned the publication from his press pool after accusing it of "incredibly inaccurate coverage and reporting."