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Six-figure pensions for former California employees cost the taxpayers nearly $3 billionby Circa News

Retired California employees' pensions cost state taxpayers $2.8 billion per year, according to watchdog group Open The Books.

The group's analysis of California state data show 21,862 retired employees make six figures on yearly pensions, earning the equivalent of 1.6 million individual California taxpayers' income taxes. The agency with the largest pensions is the California Highway Patrol, which boasts more than 1,000 people with $100,000 or larger yearly pensions. The agency's average yearly pension is about $122,000.

"Pension envy in California is real. The hard working private sector doesn't have benefits even remotely close to government workers."

Adam Andrzejewski, OpenTheBooks

The organization's founder, Adam Andrzejewski, expounded on his findings in an editorial for Forbes.

Andrzejewski found some of the titles involved unrealistic.