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A State Department employee was charged with lying about her contacts with Chinese agents
Senate Democrats want Trump to veto the rollback of Obama-era internet privacy protections
Sen. Grassley requested information from the firm behind the unsubstantiated Trump dossier
Foreign agents risk jail if they don’t register. But the feds usually just send letters.
The White House reiterated that Paul Manafort didn't play a role in Trump's transition
Here's how the Russia hacking hearing and our prior reports match up
The US Secret Service vowed to fix systemic problems but it suffered two blows on Friday
A Clinton supporter pushed the Trump-Russia computer narrative investigated by the FBI
Nine Navy personnel were charged with corruption stemming from the 'Fat Leonard' scandal
The DOJ asked for more time to collect evidence on Trump's wiretapping claims
Senator John McCain called for Trump to retract or prove his wiretapping claim
Congress warned Trump that his tweet and delete habit could be breaking the law
The government ethics agency rebuked the White House's decision to not punish Conway
James Comey asked the DOJ to reject Trump's wiretapping claims. Trump's team fired back.