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Poké is as quick and easy as a slice of pizzaby Amber Genuske

Poké is to Hawaii what the breakfast taco is to Texas, or a slice of pizza is to New York. It's the quick 'n' easy meal for an islander on the go. People like Jason McVearry, owner of Poke Poke in Venice Beach and Austin, are trying to spread the wealth by bringing the Hawaiian dish to the mainland. 

Poké is a staple in Hawaii and is served everywhere, from grocery stores to food stands. 

Traditionally, poké is made with cubed pieces of raw fish, commonly tuna, soy sauce, sesame oil, white and green onions, and sesame seeds. The ingredients are tossed together and served in a bowl. 

The term "poké" is a Hawaiian verb meaning "to slice, cut crosswise into pieces."

The dish is usually sold pre-made by the pound and served in to-go containers.

Restaurants on the mainland, like Poke Poke, often order poké, adding extra ingredients like rice, kale, or even avocado.