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These giant candy-colored rocks are hugely popular with tourists visiting Las Vegasby Nathalie Basha

WATCH |   Seven Magic Mountains is an art installation just a few miles south of the Las Vegas strip. And, it's really, really big -- both in size and popularity. Watch the video, and you'll probably see why.

The coolest thing about this installation is the location. It stands alone in the desert with nothing around it, so it creates a stunning visual of nature clashing with color.

And that's what the artist intended here. Ugo Randinone said this exhibit is supposed to be 'a creative expression of human presence in the desert,' and you're meant to observe the juxtaposition between artificial and natural. 

The installation has gained in popularity. It's almost always trending on Instagram, and visitors to Vegas are hoofing it out to the desert just for that perfect shot.

Doin' it for the 'gram!

But it won't stay in the desert indefinitely. Randinone says it will only be up for a total of two years, and given that it's been up since May 2016, that means you've got a little more than a year to see it for yourself. 

Finding it is relatively easy. There's no physical address, but there are many signs from the highway, and if you pop the name into Google Maps, it will lead you right to it. 

Here's another video to help you out on your next trip to Las Vegas. You're welcome.