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The most stunning wellness retreats around the worldby Emily Faber

While it can be fun to indulge on tropical drinks and rich desserts during a vacation, sometimes you're looking for something that will actually make your body feel good. From daily yoga classes to thermal healing waters, these eight wellness retreats will ensure that you return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If your life is feeling a little crazy and hectic, one of these trips might be exactly what you need.

With floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing the incredible landscape, the yoga studio at Cliffs of Moher Retreat is the perfect escape.

The luxury retreat venue in Ireland offers a variety of retreats throughout the year, often combining yoga practices with scenic hikes and surfing lessons. In the studio, you can enjoy stunning views of Liscannor Bay and the colorful lights of both the sunrise and the sunset.

While the studio provides the essentials for a traditional yoga practice, it's also equipped with an Iyengar Yoga Wall and hammocks for aerial yoga.

We believe that when women come together for a week in a retreat setting, something special happens.

Rebecca Garland, founder

Fit & Fly Girl is a retreat company that brings women together for a travel experience that combines wellness, culture, and adventure. "Fit & Fly Girl seeks to empower women to travel, to pursue adventure, to create lasting friendships, and to care for themselves mind, body, and spirit," said founder Rebecca Garland.

Their retreats are held in exotic and beautiful locations, ranging from Tulum to Ibiza to Southern France, and they include a ton of variation when it comes to fitness classes. There's definitely a special focus on culture at these retreats, with the itineraries including tours of local sites, guided hikes, cultural ceremonies, and more.

In addition to the excursions and fitness classes, all of the retreats include spa treatments, healthy regional food, and gift bags!

Aro Ha

Photo courtesy of Aro Ha

"Here you will experience your life, slowed down and unplugged, with only one responsibility - being good to yourself," explained Damian Chaparro, Aro Ha co-creator.

The New Zealand-based wellness retreat is built with a focus on modern design technology, while also being mindful to ancient traditions. Their Winter Wellness retreats in July target both the body and the mind with hiking in nearby parks, yoga in a sun-filled studio, and eco-friendly accommodations. 

Summersalt Yoga is holding several SUP (stand up paddle boarding) yoga retreats in Croatia this summer. The retreats will be the perfect combination of fun and challenging, boasting island parties, barbecues, and wine tastings. They offer two SUP yoga sessions daily, during which the paddle board is used as the yoga mat. With all of the extra balance required on a paddle board, it's guaranteed to be a great workout! 

Guests will stay on the island in a villa with a pool and an incredible view of the town. During the retreat, there are opportunities for tours of nearby caves, fisherman towns, and beaches.

"A yoga retreat is not only for seasoned yogis - it's a holiday for anyone who needs time to just 'be' in the moment. When combined with a beautiful destination such as Croatia, there's not much else you need!" said retreat founder Milda Urban. 

Big Sky Yoga Retreats lets you embrace your inner cowgirl in Montana's Paradise Valley. The B-Luxe Cowgirl Yoga experience combines daily yoga classes with horseback riding, meditations, and wildlife watching. The retreat also includes luxury cabin accommodations and gourmet meals with local wine and beer.

If horses aren't for you, Big Sky offers a ton of other retreats throughout the year. Some of our favorites? There's a Yoga and Hiking retreat in the mountains of Montana, and a Yoga and Vineyard retreat for wine lovers at a California vineyard!

The goal of Big Sky Yoga Retreats is to find ways to make your day-to-day life the one you want to live, the place you want to be.

Margaret Burns Vap, founder

Margaret Burns Vap, founder, doesn't see the retreats as escapism. Rather than serving as a chance to get away from your daily life, Big Sky Yoga Retreats lets you discover ways to live a fulfilling life, even when you return home after the retreat has ended. 

EAT.PRAY.MOVE offers a huge variety of retreats in stunning locations, ranging anywhere from Iceland to India. In Iceland, guests will experience lava landscapes and hot springs; in India, there will be daily sketching & smartphone photography classes.

Regardless of location, the retreats typically include a daily yoga practice, meditation classes, and healthy vegetarian food. 

We work with a girl empowerment project in Marrakesh, a program in India for underprivileged children, & a university scholarship program in Croatia.

Erin Lewis, founder

An important aspect of the retreats is the "Give Back" initiative. Many of the retreats donate a portion of their profits to charitable partners in each location.


Photo courtesy of Amanyara

Surrounded by protected parkland and a barrier reef, Amanyara in Turks and Caicos is focused on the wellness experience. As a guest at the resort, you can enjoy open-air yoga and meditation with their resident specialist. You can also kayak with a naturalist, exercise in a state-of-the-art Pilates studio, and snorkel among the reefs.

Amanyara also offers occasional holistic retreats. Their Alignment and Awareness retreat includes sound healing, sunset meditations, acupuncture, and color therapy.

Thermal vapors and medieval towers create a surreal atmosphere in the heart of Tuscany.

Martha Morano, PR

We're all about the thermal springs at Alder Thermae, a wellness resort in Tuscany. The spa hotel is pretty much the perfect place for maximum relaxation. And the thermal pools can provide immense benefits to the entire body in addition to relaxation - they can solve skin problems, reduce muscle pain, and promote good sleep!

Staying at Alder Thermae, you'll also have opportunities to get active with nearby hiking trails and bike routes through the Tuscan countryside. The hotel even offers training for triathlons! Afterwards, you can choose from over 120 spa treatments.