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More people than ever are visiting Zion National Park. That's actually causing Circa News

WATCH | The National Park Service turned 100 this year, and more people are visiting America's national parks than ever before. But that's actually causing problems at Utah's Zion National Park.

"I can never say we're loving it to death. But are we overusing it? That is definitely a concern here."

Aly Baltrus, Zion National Park

Crowd control has been a huge issue for the park. Last year, 3.6 million people visited the park, and it's already up another 10 percent.

The park is working on a multi-year plan to figure out how many people can fit in the park without damaging resources. 

But it's hard to tell visitors not to visit a national park -- though the long lines and scarce parking are a deterrent. 

The crowds, however, are leading to more graffiti, trash and damaged plant life, said Aly Baltrus, chief of interpretation and visitor service at the park.

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