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This startup wants you to take a selfie. Then drink Ariel Min

WATCH | Selffee, a crowdfunded startup based in New York, wants to take selfies to the next level: Make them edible. Soon, you'll be able to take a quick selfie, get it printed on a cup of iced coffee then do the unthinkable -- drink your face. 

The idea came together easily for co-founders David Weiss and Farsh Kanji, who happened to meet at a silent meditation retreat in Thailand. 

"When you're silent for three days, a lot of ideas are percolating in your head," said Weiss, who left his previous job in the fashion industry to take selfies to the next level.

Weiss and Kanji traveled through Asia for about a year together, visiting 10-12 factories to find the right edible printer. 

"It currently takes about 2-3 minutes to print one image," said Kanji. "Everything is printed with FDA approved edible ink. Just like food dye." 

Selffee just met its goal in an Indiegogo campaign to raise at least $30,000 to open a brick and mortar in New York City. 

Until then, the mobile cafe will continue to cater to special events, parties, weddings, etc. 

Also, it doesn't have to be your face. Anything is possible.