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Stretching isn't just good for you, it's a thing nowby Stephanie Abrams

StretchLab is becoming a popular 25 minute stop in the middle of the work day for Angelenos.  The concept is simple. No workout, no massage, just a good stretch.  The benefits of stretching include better posture and flexibility, preventing injury, and pain reduction.

Attorney Saul Janson and his personal trainer Tim Trost came up with the idea just a year and a half ago, and they're already in four locations in the Los Angeles area and getting ready to franchise nationally.

Trost says the best stretch for men is the hamstring stretch and for girls, stretching the hip flexors.

In Addition to improving athletic performance and decreasing the risk of activity based injuries and reducing pain, doctors say it also increases blood flow.  Click here to learn more about why doctors at the Mayo Clinic say stretching is just as important as exercising.