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'Saddest romantic novel ever': Smosh Squad shares breakup talesby Chris Serico
Sex & Relationships#vidcon

Breaking up is hard to do, but commiserating with friends can be much, much easier.

At VidCon last month, Circa was there (even when exes weren't) while What's Trending host Ava Gordy sought tales of heartbreak from the stars of Smosh Squad: Courtney Miller, Olivia Sui, Shayne Topp, Noah Grossman and Keith Leak II.

Sui's bummer of a first breakup prompted Miller to declare it the "saddest romantic novel ever."

Sui said after she was dumped during a rainstorm, she realized she was locked out of her house.

While Miller and Topp had their own breakup stories to share, Leak claimed "I ain't never got dumped," and Grossman said he "never had a serious girlfriend."

While tales of young romance seem like a more upbeat discussion topic, some of the Smosh Squad's first kisses may rival the awkwardness of their breakup stories. For video about the group's early (and awkward) romantic exchanges, click the link below.