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This dating app matches you and your pet for double datesby Marianna Kheyfets
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You can find a dating app that caters to just about anyone's interests these days. So, here's a new one for all you animal lovers. Tindo was created for single pet parents who are looking to find a match and get their pets involved in the picking process.

This brand new, free app works just like Tinder but has a special section for you to add your pet to your profile. 

Although dogs may be the most likely choice to bring with you on your date. Tindo creator, Bruno Iarussi says that all animals are welcome. 

"I thought it would be nice to date someone who has a dog and it would be a win-win situation for all involved."

Bruno Iarussi- Tindo Creator

The inspiration for this new dating app came from the passing of one of Bruno's beloved dogs. After his mini-poodle passed away, his other dog became sad and lonely. 

Bruno wanted to find a friend for his dog almost as much as finding a date himself. The idea started from there. 

"It's like having a wingman with you. It would definitely ease some of the awkwardness if you had your dog there on a first date."

Bruno Iarussi

Let's face it. Dating can be awkward and stressful. Now imagine having your pet with you, being your wingman/woman, and helping you calm your nerves on a first date.

Having your pet there with you can totally be a cool ice-breaker.