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People are eating 'Sex Dust' to boost their performance on and off the bed, so we tried itby Fernando Hurtado
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WATCH  | We tried Sex Dust at work, and here's how we felt.

It's called Sex Dust, and people are paying $30 for 14 scoops of it.

Created by Moon Juice, a health and wellness brand selling plant-sourced alchemy products around the world, with brick and mortar locations in Los Angeles, California, Sex Dust uses Chinese medicine to "excite sexy energy in and out of the bedroom."

The dust is part of a line of other Moon Dusts: Beauty Dust, Brain Dust, Sex Dust, Power Dust, Dream Dust and Spirit Dust.

Check out some of the concoctions you can buy with Moon Dust in them at one of three locations in Los Angeles.

What's in Sex Dust

Here's what's in Sex Dust:

He Shou Wu, organic cacao powder, shilajit powder, maca extract, organic schisandra powder, cistanche, horny goat weed and organic stevia. 

Don't know what any of those are? Neither did we, so we talked to a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. Here's what each of these ingredients does:

Also on the ingredient list: maca extract, which helps your thyroid, and he shou wu, a blood builder.

he shou wu: blood builder and longevity tonic
shilajit: Tibetan medicine generally not prescribed to women
maca: Peruvian adaptogen to regulate thyroid function
shisandra: used for weak lung and kidney function
epimedium: Yang tonic for low libido, weak kidney

When we visited the Melrose Place location, the alchemists, Keith and Lucy, made us an almond milk coffee Power and Brain dust latte. You can buy Moon Dust online and they even ship internationally.

How to use it

Moon Dusts can be taken with virtually anything solid or liquid, though the alchemists at one Moon Juice in California recommended liquids.

To intake, all you have to do is "mix one teaspoon with 8 ounces of water, nut milk, coffee, tea or smoothie."

You can also combine dusts. One of the alchemists suggested taking Power Dust and Sex Dust as a pre-workout drink. One thing's for sure, use them regularly, not as a one-off solution, say the alchemists.

You can drink it with hot or cold beverages, or bake it into pastries.

Who uses it

Everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to your average Joe (who can afford to splurge) takes them.

Jennifer Benson, a mother of two in California says she uses the Moon Dust sachets when traveling and in her kids' food.

Though she's a herbal supplement connoisseur, Benson says the best part is how easy to use these dusts are.

"If you're a newbie, you don't have to go and like learn about all of these things. It's very accessible."

Does it work?

It's difficult to say. The Chinese medicine experts at Washington Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine say Chinese herbal medicine is "predicated upon matching an individual formula to an individual patient."

"Certainly those herbs could enhance the libido of a woman if prescribed appropriately, but the formula could also cause unnecessary side effects if given to the wrong patient," they said in an email statement.

How Moon Juice works

Moon Juice's flagship business is juices made with all-natural ingredients. It wasn't until recently that it delved into Chinese medicine, so it requires all staff to undergo training.

"They are educated extensively on the benefits and effects of our proprietary blends, as well as the individual superfood and superherbs [sic] that we carry," said Moon Juice in a statement.

"They also receive weekly updates and knowledge intended to keep them current and sharp."

Naturally, we asked some of our colleagues to try Sex Dust for the first time, at work, of course, and there were mixed reactions. One said it felt like he'd had caffeine. Watch the video above for their reactions.