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The gay man who hanged himself in an Atlanta public park struggled for family acceptanceby Marianna Kheyfets
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Michael George Smith Jr, who went by alias London Jermaine, was tormented by his family's inability to accept his gay lifestyle. The 22 year old Atlanta resident hanged himself in a tree near the "Free Nelson Mandela" monument in Piedmont Park on July 7th, the same week as the police killings of black men in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis. There were rumors spreading that Smith was a victim of a hate crime but authorities confirmed it was a suicide. 

London Jermaine was very vocal on social media about his struggles with his family's homophobia. On Thursday, July 7, he wrote his final Facebook post: "I see y'all in the next Life Deadass Father forgive me."

He expressed sadness and hurt over a conversation he was having with his younger brother. He captioned the photo "My mother is teaching my siblings to dispise Gays.. I'm done with Life. I'm Hurt To The Core." 

A month prior he shared this picture on his Facebook.