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MikMak wants to change online shopping by making it more like Snapchat by Ariel Min

WATCH| "MikMak is an entertainment company first that happens to sell things," said Rachel Tipograph, founder of MikMak - a mobile video shopping platform that distributes 30-second "minimercials."

"People like to call us QVC for the Snapchat generation." 

When Tipograph left her last job at Gap as a global director of digital and social media, she wanted to change online shopping for the better. So she took the idea of shopping via video (aka informercials) and reinvented it for the mobile platform. 

"Content is the currency of the mobile-social web," she said.  "The funny thing about content today is that it's easier than ever before to create and distribute it. Look at Facebook Live, Snapchat and Instagram - instant distribution."

The videos often feature young actors and comedians - making you feel like you're watching your favorite person on YouTube.

Since MikMak launched in June 2015, Tipograph has had clients like General Electric (GE), Airheads and T-Mobile.  

"We get young people all over this country to watch 20 mini-mercials back-to-back because it doesn't feel like a commercial. It doesn't feel like it's shopping."

Tipograph says MikMak's sales conversion rates are anywhere from 4 to 20 percent, which is above the average sales conversion rate on the internet. 

MikMak advertises and sells home goods, beauty, gadgets, kitchen tools and more.