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If you see 4 yappy Yorkshires heckling stand-up comedians, you might be at Open Bark Nightby Chris Serico

WATCH | When emcee Katie Haller shouts out the "tiny bitches in the house" at Open Bark Night's dog-friendly, monthly comedy show in New York City, it's funny because it's taxonomically true.

Bark & Co., purveyors of the dog-treat service BarkBox, hosts the comedy show in its office.

As a BarkBox social media manager, Haller combines her love of dogs with humor daily.

Comics must be ready when four Yorkies 'show up in a Mercedes'

Moments after hosting Open Bark Night on March 2, Haller told Circa the event's audience has doubled since it launched in September 2015, when some 60 people and dogs assembled. Haller has booked comedians who are skilled at crowd work, as canines are known to steal the show.

"You cannot predict when four Yorkies are going to show up in a [mini] Mercedes," Haller added. "You just can't predict that and you have to kind of go with it."

As Haller noted onstage, those four Yorkies did "not look old enough to have their license."

(Perhaps not, but seriously, they're worth another look.)

Fellow comic Anna Roisman performed part of her act while holding her dog, Bobby Flay.

I do [Open Bark Night] because, I mean, where else can you perform to a room full of dogs? ... It's like we're all in a little cult.

Anna Roisman, Open Bark Night comedian

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