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What's a pizza donut? It's filled with 3 cheeses and topped with meat Marianna Kheyfets

WATCH | Chef Jeff Lamberti is all about getting creative in the kitchen at his popular West Haven, Connecticut, eatery. The menu at West End Bistro constantly gets new and exciting additions on the fly. Last month he added his now infamous "Pizza Donut" after he says he dreamt of the recipe. 

It's a cheesy focaccia ring glazed with "Sunday gravy" and finished with meat sprinkles.

"I actually had a dream about this recipe and that's how it came to fruition. I woke up and said 'I'm going to make a pizza donut today.'"

Chef Jeff Lamberti

Lamberti's pizza donut was inspired by his love for carnival fried dough. The recipe came to him in a dream. 

Lamberti admits pizza donuts have been attempted before, but none quite like his fried focaccia meat-sprinkled masterpiece.

The meat sprinkles are the icing on the cake (or donut in this case). It's a mixture of four dried Italian cured meats -- salami, pepperoni, gabagool and soppressata. Lamberti also adds parmesan crisps to the concoction. 

"It basically tastes like, first you get pepperoni pizza, then you get the sweetness of the dough. The cheese then bursts through. It's perfect!"

Chef Jeff Lamberti

"We like to take risks in this restaurant. So, we get to play and get creative and do lots of fun stuff like the pizza donut," Lamberti said. His customers aren't complaining either. "I had one customer, she took a bite out of it and she said 'go fuck yourself' ... I get that a lot - in the best way possible."

"It's the most sincere form a flattery when a customer comes up to me, takes a bit, first they smile and then they 'fuck you.' I know I did something right!" Lamberti said.