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It's a waffle on a stick with cookie batter, cheesecake bites and sweet cerealby Taylor Holland

WATCH:  Forget about corn dogs.  Sweet Combforts in Southern California serves waffles on sticks with an array of toppings that are guaranteed to please.

These tasty creations recently made their debut at the Coachella Music & Arts festival in April 2017.  Executive Chef and Co-founder, Ann Marie Damaso, told Circa they were a huge hit at the festival.  

Sweet Combforts official storefront grand opening is this Saturday, May 13th.  They're located in Irvine, California at the new Trade Food Hall close to the John Wayne Airport.  

To make these treats possible, custom made waffle irons were ordered and shipped in all the way from Belgium.  There's a small split in the side of the iron that is a perfect fit for the classic wooden stick.

Partner and Co-founder, Kevin Bobby Nguyen, says they wanted to be the first to invent an official "waffle pop".  There are six different specialty flavors featured on the menu.  The one pictured above is called the Strawberry Babe.

The Churro Crunch is covered in cinnamon & sugar, drizzled with cream cheese and topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

Nguyen is no stranger to creating comfort food that is worthy of praise.   He and his other partners recently started Pig Pen Delicacy which features the "Mac Attack Burger" crafted with buns made of macaroni and cheese.  

WATCH:  The "Mac Attack Burger" formerly known as the "Cheesy Mac Bun Burger".