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Yeah, that's a mini bathtub filled with gin and tonic. Here's the bar serving them up. by Shaun Mir

WATCH | Sippin' on gin and juice in a mini bathtub? You've probably never had a drink like this gin and tonic, which is served only at The Alex of The Graham Hotel in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. 

The Graham Hotel has two bars. The Observatory rooftop bar and The Alex, a basement speakeasy lounge. It was here where we got to see how the drink was created and served in those adorable, miniature porcelain bathtubs. 

The tub is an nostalgic homage to the Prohibition era of the 1920's and 30's, where alcohol was made in bathtubs as opposed to large warehouses in order to avoid the attraction of law enforcement. 

Mixologist Evan M. Cablayan prepared the drink. It's a process that is quick but takes about a week or two to distill. And no, it's not madein one of the hotel's bathtubs, but rather in a big glass jar that is kept in the dark until it's amber color comes to full fruition. 

Gin receives its flavor from two predominant ingredients: a grain alcohol and juniper. But at The Alex, an assortment of ingredients help bring out their version's flavor notes and profiles with the addition of citrus peels (orange, lime, lemon) and spices (star anise, allspice, cardamom, cinchona bark).

Since they've released it,  they now offer it as a gift item, all wrapped up in a mini bathtub with a Prohibition Era medical alcohol prescription and ingredients for the drink.