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Hanukkah and Christmas flavors came together to make this one perfect holiday dessertby Shaun Mir

WATCH  | A babka is a chocolate-swirled yeast dough bread. A chocolate babka ice cream sandwich with peppermint stracciatella gelato? Probably the best holiday dessert you'll have this season. On Rye and Dolci Gelati, two cafes in Washington, D.C., worked together to create this new classic.

Modern takes on Jewish deli classics

On Rye owners Ilyse Lerner and her husband Jonathan Lerner craft modern interpretations of Jewish food, paying homage to the Jewish deli classics they grew up on. 

Case in point: the O.G. Wagyu Pastrami -- thin-sliced wagyu (Japanese-style) beef with spicy mustard on toasted rye. Their version of the classic Reuben uses that same wagyu beef with kraut, Russian dressing and swiss cheese on pressed marble rye bread. Mmm...

WATCH  | Ilyse and Jonathan worked their way up through stints at prestigious restaurants in New York like Per Se (created by chefThomas Keller) and The Modern (restauranteurDanny Meyer) before opening On Rye. 

Then there was the gelato. Gianluigi Dellaccio is the owner and chef of Dolci Gelati, a gelato shop that was recently awarded the "Technical Jury Award" from the Gelato World Tour.  

Gianluigi and Ilyse were introduced after they both manned food carts at the Washington National MLB ballpark over the summer. They decided to collaborate on the babka ice cream sandwich. 

That partnership has created multiple flavors. The latest? The chocolate babka peppermint stracciatella.

WATCH | Ilyse explains the babka's origins, including its Panettone inspiration and the folk tale that gave the dessert its name -- the myth of Baba Yaga, the Slavic witch. 

WATCH | That classic Seinfeld babka episode? Yep, it's referenced at On Rye too.